Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses to Avoid

To be inspired is good, but goi ng the wrong direction towards your choice can prove disastrous for you.  You should avoid some styles as being your choices for bridesmaid dresses. Here are some style facts about celebrities who disappointed us:-

The Art and Crafts Show

The choice of a bridesmaid dress is the most difficult decision to make, especially when there are all eyes to criticize your dress. There will be appreciative glances but with it will come some remarks which you probably would not like to listen. Avoid bridesmaid dresses that give you the ‘arts and craft went wrong’ look and make you look like a cartoon. The best choice of a dress would be something that is flattering. Similarly arts and craft

Say No to Billowing Sleeves

The billowing sleeves must get a rude nod towards the negative because of its old school look of yesteryear fashion. Billowing sleeve for your bridesmaids will definitely be an odd choice unless you would want them to feel uncomfortable the whole day and curse you later for the choice been made. Bridesmaid dresses with billowing sleeves make it extremely difficult to eat and dance a bridesmaid’s way out and allow her enjoy the celebration. A straight fit full sleeve can be the choice but then it will be a total out of the trend thing.

No Ball Gowns for Bridesmaids

No, never do this as it can ruin your charm and elegance of being the bride and as expected the center of attraction. Ball gowns are meant for you and not your bridesmaids for sure. But if you still want to add some vintage looks then go for short ball tutu instead but take care of the length of the skirt as it cannot be outrageously short especially on a traditional wedding.

A little glitz can be a good thing but going the other way around and making your bridesmaids ugly is not a thing to do. Consult with bridesmaids prior to selection of bridesmaid dresses and let their bodies love what they are wearing on your big day.


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